The rings that I make are all individually hand made from scratch without the use of mass-production techniques such as casting. The rings are made in contrasting colours of metal. Not all rings can be made in all metals but the most common combinations are listed below. Please note that due to the recent increases in the price of gold, the prices below are estimates only.

    Silver & 18ct yellow/red gold 9ct white &18ct yellow/red gold
A&B 4mm oval section £220 £poa

Available with garnet, ruby, citrine, blue moonstone, emerald, opal, saphire, turquoise and malachite. Please note these are un-faceted cabochons. I don't use faceted stones.

C 7mm flat smooth band £180 £poa
D 5.5mm flat smooth band £160 £poa


4mm flat smooth band £140 £poa
F 5.5mm symbols Not Available £poa
G 4mm symbols Not Available £poa


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