One-off necklaces

To compliment the one-off bangles that I make, I have also made a series of one off necklaces. Each one is based around a semi-precious gemstone set in an 18ct gold setting with a textured silver backing.

The high quality materials that I use include exotic hard woods from sustainable sources, richly coloured gemstones, together with sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold.

The wooden and amber pieces are all individually carved by me, so each one is unique.

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Opal necklace

The opal doublet on this necklace actually looks much better than in the photo. As you move it around almost the whole stone flashes bright green. There are also bright blue parts and hints of orange.

The long piece on the left is African blackwood and on the right are pieces of kingwood and amber.

The chain is 45.5cm long, although I could adjust this.


Garnet necklace

The Garnet in this necklace is 9mm x 14mm. The bead on the far left is a mixture of colours and is made from a stone called leopardskin rhyolite.

The other pieces are amber, African Blackwood and turquoise.

The chain is 44cm long, although I could adjust this.


Amethyst necklace

This is on a necklace on a larger scale. Instead of being made from a single piece of chain, this necklace is made from two pieces off which hangs an African blackwood and bone pendant. In turn this has a 12mm X 15mm amethyst that is suspended off the bottom.

The chain and the metal loops are sterling silver. The other metal parts are 18ct yellow gold.

The reddish piece on the right is carved form a type of wood called pink ivorywood. It is naturally that colour and has not been dyed or stained.

The combined length of the chains is about 60cm although this could be shortened.

These actual necklaces are available to buy direct from me. Simply e-mail me at saying which necklace you are interested in to enquire about the price.

Contact us at :-

Alternatively, write to us at :- J&D Field, P.O. Box 228, Holmfirth, HD9 9BF United Kingdom

or leave a message at 07847534520


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