All eleven bangles shown below are one-off pieces made by hand from scratch. Each bangle is given an aged, beaten finish, to enhance the feeling of individuality. Their originality ensures that nobody will have exactly the same design as you.

The high quality materials that I use include exotic hard woods from sustainable sources, richly coloured gemstones, together with sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold.

Click on each bangle to see a larger image and more information, including prices and materials.

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Snakewood Bangle   African Blackwood Bangle   Cocobolo Bangle

1. Snakewood bangle



2. African Blackwood bangle



3. Cocobolo bangle


Turquoise Bangle   Amethyst Bangle   Garnet Bangle

4. Turquoise bangle



5. Amethyst bangle



6. Garnet bangle


White moonstone Bangle   Blue Moonstone Bangle   Peridot Bangle

7. White Moonstone bangle



8. Blue Moonstone bangle



9. Peridot bangle


Amethyst Bangle   Amber Bangle    

10. Oval Amethyst bangle


11. Amber bangle


To buy one of the bangles shown above, simply e-mail me at telling me which one you would like so I can reserve it for you.

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